Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On Black

Having recently done a photo shoot in Hi Key, I purchased some black velvet to do some Low Key shots. I had a friend who wanted some low key shots of her Tri Colored Aussie, so she came over for a Portrait session. I absolutely love this background. There is absolutely no reflection of light, it just gets absorbed.

Now the drawback: it picks up every hair, dust and dirt in the einviroment. In dry air, static electricity just attracted more hair. We spent more time using a lint brush attempting to get the worse of the white hair off the backdrop than posing the animals. Thankfully, Photoshop CS5 and Content Aware came to the rescue for all the hair that the lint brush missed.

After we were done shooting her Aussie, we added my Eskimo puppy for a nice Black and White photo:

Then we added a couple of cats:

We had a lot of fun shooting with this lovely black background. I am looking forward to doing more Portrait sessions using this background.