Wednesday, April 6, 2011

and the Beat goes on....

While on Clearwater Beach, Fl recently, I ran into 3 Street Musicians playing on the beach. Busking, as what street performing is known as, has been around since the days of antiquity. Busking includes street musicians, street theatre, card tricks, and just about anything else that people find entertaining.

Friday was a sunny, but quite cold and windy day to be out on the beach playing. Ernie was all bundled up against the frigid wind, while playing his guitar. He was quite engaging, and a friend and I spent a good amount of time chatting with him. The interesting thing that caught my eye, Ernie used a seashell as a pick for playing the guitar. He explained that using a shell really killed his strings, he has to replace his strings quite often because eventually the shell will cut through them.

Saturday had turned out to be the opposite of Friday. The sun was bright, and it was warm and sunny with only a very light breeze, making it an extremely delightful day. A little further down the beach we ran into this older gentleman. He was quite stern looking, and his collection jar was quite empty when I ran into him playing his accordion on Saturday afternoon. I stopped and chatted with him for a bit while waiting for my friend to catch up with me. The longer we were there chatting the more people stopped by to listen to him playing. He was quite good, and after a bit he warmed up and started smiling.

J spent his afternoon and evening playing the saxophone on Pier 60 on the beach. While less chatty than the other musicians, he was an awesome player.
As you talked to him, he replied by changing the tune he was playing. He had a little girl laughing hysterically as he played her favorite songs.
Pier 60 on weekend evenings has a carnival atmosphere, and everybody was in a great mood. The day had been warm, cloud free and very little wind. As the sun was setting, and people were starting to head home for the night, I was still on the beach photographing the sunset. As I was shooting this photo, I could hear the soft melodies of a sax wafting on the breeze. What a lovely tribute to an incredibly beautiful sunset.