Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ace Agility NADAC Trial - Candids are up

The Candid photos from the Ace Agility NADAC trial are up on my website,

Due to the low light conditions, the photos will not be as tack sharp as if they had been taken in the bright sunlight. There are still options to processing your photos. These options include: Processing the image as an Oil Painting, adding a Glamour Glow, adding texture to the photo, and simulating a Canvas print. Each of these options may be added to any of the trial photos, or none of these options, the decision is yours. If there is a photo that you really like, but the photo is not the sharpest, you may want to consider one of the above options. Please drop me an email with the photo ID# and I will process a quick proof and email back to you for your approval. None of the photos posted have been processed beyond simple noise reduction and resizing. Any photo ordered will be color corrected and processed as best as the lighting conditions allow.

Samples of Artistic Processing:

Glamour Glow

Canvas Texture:

Oil Painting:

Soft Vignette:

If you have any questions on these options, please email me at Penny @

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